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Content Item - Camberwell Rotary Shop is now the Good Reads Good Deeds Rotary Shop

By David Owen, Hawthorn Rotary

The Camberwell Rotary shop has changed its name. It is still at 654 Burke Road at the back facing the car park side.It is now the "Good Reads Good Deeds Rotary Shop".

This Boroondara multi-club enterprise was set up by DIK Inc clubs and Riverside cluster clubs.  Its aim is to support the Donations in Kind store, which recycles equipment and goods and sends useful items overseas and to disadvantaged communities in Australia. It also  supports Rotary Fair Trade enterprises in East Timor, Nepal and Laos, and Camcare, a not-for-profit, community based organization, which assists people from Boroondara and neighbouring areas who are facing personal hardship or difficult life circumstances. 

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Content Item - Rotary Fair Trade Store in Camberwell

The Rotary Fair Trade store in Camberwell Junction is a combined project of Boroondara Rotary clubs, raising funds for DIK, the D9800 Donations in Kind Store, and local humanitarian charities such as Camcare.

It is located at the rear of 654 Burke Rd, Camberwell, (enter from the car park).

Open from 10 - 4.30, 7 days a week. Specializing in good quality collectibles and books, the store welcomes useful donations from Rotary members and families who may be downsizing, or spring cleaning.

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