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Content Item - Farewell Evening for Daryl Mills - Rotary Liaison Officer in East Timor

A special evening of review, thanks and farewell to Daryl Mills is to  be held on Tuesday 26th July, 2016 by The Rotary Club of Balwyn at Greenacres Golf Club Elm Street, Kew starting at 6.15 for 6.45pm.

Daryl’s commitment to Timor Leste over the last 12 years has been outstanding and his legacy lives on through his training of several locals to continue this vital work.

For more information, contact Richard Seeley, Rotary Club of Balwyn.

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Content Item - Desks & Chairs Galore!

By Derarca O’Mahoney, Friends of Baguia

The Rotary Club of Hawthorn generously organised a 40ft Con­tainer to be shipped to Baguia. In September, at the Rotary DIK (Donations In Kind) Footscray warehouse Rotarians and Friends of Ba­guia members packed 240 school desks, 820 chairs, 122 rolls of ma­terial, 10 blackboards, 2 sewing machines, 154 boxes of donated goods – clothes, bedding, toys, school and kindergarten sup­plies.

Musical instruments and 2 sound systems were also donated by members of the Glen Waverly Uniting Church.

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Content Item - Combating Maternal Mortality in the community

A mother“has a one in 35 chance of dying in childbirth or from pregnancy-related complications compared to Australian women who face a one in 13,300 risk.” (UNICEF, State Of The World's Children Report 2009).

This statistic demonstrates huge risks that pregnant women face in Timor-Leste. With a fertility rate of 7.8 live births per woman and with up to 90% of women giving birth at home, this statistic affects every extended family in Timor-Leste. Alola is working with the Ministry of Health and other agencies to encourage women to attend health facilities for antenatal care and to give birth in hospitals. Our maternity pack program is one initiative to encourage women to give birth at one of the major hospitals in Timor-Leste.

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Content Item - Maternal & Child Health in Timor

By Derarca O’Mahony, President, Friends of Baguia

Leopoldina Gutterres has expressed deep concern for the health of women and babies in the more remote rural villages of the Baguia Sub-District. Leo herself is the Principal of the Junior High School in Baguia town, as well as the Director of 9 Primary schools most of which are located high up in the remote mountain villages on Mt Matebian. Leo says that often these village women – who generally give birth at home – do not want to walk up to 3 or 4 hours to a health clinic with a new born baby. This is especially so in the wet season, which in Baguia can last for more than half the year. So they stay at home with their baby. These village women are often living in extremely basic huts and may not even have a bowl in which to wash their baby and cannot afford basic things like baby soap. They may have washing detergent powder and will use this to wash themselves, but the baby will not be washed. This lack of hygiene is a significant factor in illness and potentially death in young babies.

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Content Item - Village Women and Children project

The Rotary Club of Kew’s soap-makers’ training program, established in 2005, is a successful grass-roots micro-economic initiative. It has provided village women with the ability to feed and clothe their children (in a country where infant mortality and malnutrition are amongst the highest in the world), and has also bolstered their self esteem and dignity.

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