Challenge your thinking with Donations in Kind


At times we all fall into this trap. When you think hospitals, what do you see? Doctors, Nurses, Patients, Operations, the things we see when we visit, or on TV. We forget that they are complex businesses with administration divisions, and have sophisticated catering services that feed hundreds of people each day. Today hospitals want to recycle all of the material they no longer require and it is a pleasure to announce that we have formed a relationship with Northern Health to help them do this.    

As you can see first donation from Epping Hospital is quality kitchen equipment that will be prized by the recipients, but it’s not the type of equipment usually requested for hospitals. Often people with wishlists have limited thinking. Word association can also contribute and the source of a donation should not limit where you think it can be used. Catering equipment can be used in many areas locally and overseas. The goods at Donations In Kind are available for any Rotary Project so Community Committees, don’t limit your thinking because DIK is in the International Box.  

If a DIK Store is not aware of what you are looking for they can’t help you. Donations In Kind should be considered as a total Club resource available for all Avenues of Service and all Members should be on the lookout for potential donations.

If your Club is interested in commercial kitchen equipment please advise Laurie Fisher at Donations in Kind

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