Donations in Kind Open Day


When communicating just what Donations in Kind at West Footscray can provide presents such a problem  – how do we address the challenge? Why not throw open the doors and invite everyone along to see.  Add scones and cream, tasty Somaliland nibbles and the essential sausage sizzle and see what happens.

That’s just what we did on Saturday 8th April to celebrate the shipping of the 500th Container from the store and also mark the centenary of the Rotary Foundation.

Between 10 and 3 on a windy Saturday, over 160 Rotarians and friends from some 42 different Rotary Clubs came and saw what was on offer.

The day followed a separate “by invitation” the evening before for many of the organisations who generously provide many of the goods that the store has available.   They saw the variety of hospital beds, medical equipment, school desks and chairs, computers and clothing that we had collected from them and were now destined for places like Nepal, The Philippines, Sri Lanka and Cambodia.

Everyone had the chance to see the container almost ready to go to a hospital in Somaliland for Rotary Club of Footscray, one being prepared by Flemington for a girl’s orphanage in Sri Lanka as a library and of course the yellow 500th Container filled with goods for schools in Timor Leste.

There is no doubt from the many questions fielded on the day there are plenty of opportunities to be developed.

Importantly the challenge to raise the freight cost for the Foundation Container 500 funded was met with some surplus to carry over to the next one. Many thanks to all the Clubs and individuals who “got on board”. We will be happy to still take contributions from Clubs who have not yet contributed.

If you didn’t get the chance to visit last weekend, drop in any Tuesday or Thursday or look out for the next big Open Day set for Saturday 24th next year. We are making it an annual event.

DIK Cocktail Party

Open Day


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