Who do you call when you have a hospital load for linen you no longer require?????


Donations In Kind is the answer for many hospitals when they have goods they no longer require. This is what Barwon Health has done at their McKellar Centre.   It is always a pleasure to work with an organization that cares.   They know that through Rotary they will go to a hospital in desperate need.   The onsite laundry and linen-care had ceased operating and they were able to donate their surplus operating linen.   So DIK now has complete sets of Operating Theatre linen.   When we get a request for operating equipment we can now do a “McDonalds’ and ask” Would you like linen with that”.  

If you have a hospital project in mind this is a wonderful opportunity.  With imagination when loading it can be packed in a way to fill in the holes and can effectively be shipped for free.   If you are interested contact dik.vic.rotary@gmail.com

Spare a thought for the DIK Van.   Linen is heavy and when leaving the hospital there is a steep hill to be climbed with traffic lights at the bottom.  If you miss the lights you can hear the van saying “I think I can, I think I can”

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