Australian No-man’s Land


I am in the Donations In Kind Store surrounded by valuable medical equipment.  I am looking at the latest batch of Dialysis Chairs and wondering where they will go.  Will they go overseas as many have in the past? 

What about the remote areas in Australia, where this sort of equipment appears to be needed?    If we are going to use the equipment in Australia it can’t be on an International Project.  It would have to be a Community Project, but what do Clubs perceive as being their community?   If it is limited to working in your own backyard helping in other parts of Australia is beyond our Clubs.  Is there a “no man’s land” between our backyard and overseas?   This is not the Rotary way and we know that this is not how Rotarians feel, but is appears no RABS project are working on improving medical care.   

The same support is available for local and oversea projects.  Tax Deductibility (RABS), Technical Support (RAWCS) and Free Equipment (DIK) are available for local projects but few Club Community Committees appear to be aware of this.

We have a wonderful opportunity to use the medical equipment that is readily available to help the Australian Community.  Community Committees be bold and think about how you can help the rest of Australia.  If it was a natural disaster support would pour in, but we appear to overlook the existing problem areas where we can make a major difference. 

The next time you visit the DIK Store look around and think about how your Club can use the goods you see locally. Better still get your Community Committee to make a special visit.

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