Youth Exchange


Rotary Youth Exchange is a study-abroad opportunity for young people between the ages of 16 and 17 years of age who spend a full year as an international student hosted by local Rotary clubs.

Hosting an exchange student can be an incredibly rewarding experience for your family, providing an international experience without leaving home.

Host families come in all shapes and sizes, you can help by:

  • Asking non-Rotarian families - that may be interested in hosting a Youth Exchange student.
  • Asking fellow club members - during a meeting at which partners are present or after another student has attended a meeting and has met many of the club’s members.
  • Asking Families of Youth Exchange alumni - to act as hosts. Many of these families would like to participate in the program because of the opportunity provided to their own children.
  • Asking club members - for the names of families in their communities they feel would make good host parents.
  • Asking families - who have successfully hosted students to recommend other families in the community who would be interested in hosting.

To learn more about Youth Exchange hosting

Contact Vanda Mullen Youth Exchange Committee chair or visit Youth Exchange website

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