Justin Art House Museum


The Justin Art House Museum is an initiative of Charles and Leah Justin, who are passionate collectors of contemporary art. Through their house museum they hope to share both their collection and their passion for art with the public.

JAHM is designed as a 3 level building at 3 Lumley Court Prahran.

It comprises a dedicated gallery space at first floor level and residence at second floor level, designed specifically to display art.

The building has been designed by Elisa Justin of Justin Architecture, with a little interference by her client architect father. The building has a high 7+ star environmental rating, achieved through initiatives such as high thermal performance building enclosure, double glazing, solar panels, recycled water, low energy lighting and recycled rubber flooring.

Charles and Leah Justin have been collecting contemporary art for over 40 years, more seriously over the last 20 years. Their collection comprises over 250 works and continues to grow. The collection includes a diverse spectrum of art practice including painting, sculpture, works on and from paper, and photography. There is a strong emphasis on digital and video work. The collection is broad based and includes established and emerging artists practicing both locally and internationally.

JAHM's aspiration is to provide a distinctive experience, one that is intimate and personal for its visitors. There are two curated exhibitions per year, one exhibition will be drawn from the Justin Collection, the other will be based on either another private collection, a commissioned work for the gallery space or curated by an invited expert or artist.

Each visit includes a tour of the exhibition conducted by Charles and Leah, after which visitors are invited to their apartment for refreshments, and to enjoy a conversation about the exhibition, art collecting or whatever is of interest. Visitors will also have the opportunity to observe how collectors such as the Justins’ live with their art. 

Charles and Leah Justin have a strong belief in cultural diversity and hope to introduce another voice to the visual art world.

A visit to JAHM includes a tour of the current exhibition conducted by Charles and Leah, after which visitors will be invited upstairs for light refreshments and the opportunity to enjoy the art and architecture.

Visits can only be made online and numbers are strictly limited to a maximum of 25 per visit.

Cost is $25 per person. jahm.com.au/about/

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