FORaMEAL Conference Trial Success


The Rotary Club of Canterbury together with great participation and assistance from the Rotary Clubs of Camberwell,  Balwyn and Balwyn North held a FORaMEAL food packaging event with 95 attendees. Camberwell Rotary alone contributed 15 members, and the youngest member of Canterbury, Sarah Prossor, brought along a group of six Rover Scouts.

Doug Hawley, with many others, organised the event which attracted great participation and assistance from Rotarians together with many Friends of Rotary. The 95 people who attended exceeded expectations and meant that the 2,500 food pouches were packed in a record time of only 1 hour 20 minutes! This food packing evening was a really fun night and I have had feedback from many people that they would like to participate in similar future 'hands on' events.

This event was a trial run for the activity which will be held on the final day of the 2018 District Conference, which will be organised by Rotary International Canterbury.

The FORaMEAL pouches contained rice, oats, lentils and a sachet of vitamins and minerals. The contents of the pouch are cooked the same way as rice and provide highly nutritious food which can be supplemented with any available meat, fish, vegetables, spices and even sugar so as to meet local tastes.

FORaMEAL pouches from a previous packing event were distributed to four Rotary Clubs in the Philippines. Two of the Clubs who received the packs distributed them to evacuees from towns that were under siege from
insurgents on the island of Mindanao.

It is planned to send the food packed on Monday evening to the Rotary Club of Cianta who will distribute it to evacuees from Marawi City. The food packed on Monday night equates to about 15,000 meals.

Anyone who would to participate in a future event is invited to contact Rob Simpson on

Max Holland

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