Southbank Rotarian and Mom Kay Ledson walking across America for Spinal Cord Injury – 7 Million steps to raise awareness for Activity Based Recovery

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When Kay’s son Josh was injured in a snowboarding accident in June 2000, doctors said that he would never walk again.  What has transpired since, through sheer persistence, determination and incredible passion from his “warrior mom” is that Josh is not only able to walk again, but continues to inspire others to pursue activity based rehabilitation for people who face similar debilitating lives.

“This is too much!” Then he said “well Mum, we can’t give up now. If I can’t beat this problem I will never be able to continue to improve!” And the rest is history!

Josh is also not alone in his suffering and efforts to recover.  The family and Southbank Rotary have discovered over the years since, that there are many others across the world who struggle to recover. Kay has managed to build hundreds of connections with other moms particularly across America which drove the “inspired” idea of walking across the entire breadth of America to not only meet other moms in a similar situation but connect with Rotary Clubs and raise money through the Quad Foundation for the cause.

Leaving Carlsbad, California on September 22, 2017, Kay hopes to walk to into Washington DC on March 18, 2018, after walking about 3,000 km and deliver this message about ending therapy caps and making proven therapies more available to our children.

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October 30 – A good introduction to the how and why:

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Throughout her journey, Kay's story has been featured on a large number of news outlets in the US, however is now starting to get traction in Australia.

Bob Tarlau has spoken to Kay and shared the story on Australia Overnight on 3AW which has also kindly been picked up across the country.

To listen to the 5 minute report form Australia Overnight, courtesy of 3AW, click on this link.

Other news updates are avaliable on Kay's blog.

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