4 Times 30+ for Rotary Club of Camberwell


The Rotary club of Camberwell is blessed to have so many long serving members still making a valuable contribution to our club and the community.

Gerry Lavender (PHF) recently celebrated 32 years active membership & Ian Feder (PHF 3 sapphires) celebrated 35 years in Rotary with the last 15 years @ Camberwell.

In November Peter Matthews (PP, PHF 3 Sapphires) will celebrate 35 years & John Phillips (PP, PHF) will celebrate 33 years @ Camberwell after transferring from RC Auckland.

Gentlemen, well done on a fantastic achievement! As a club we should be very grateful to the people who actually asked these members to join Camberwell Rotary.

Our membership and services are what make Rotary strong. To keep it strong, membership recruitment has to be a priority and I urge everyone to ask just one person to be their guest and attend a club meeting.

Maybe some of them will say no, and that's OK. But we do not want any of them to say they are not Rotarians because nobody ever asked.

President Patrick Docherty Rotary Club of Camberwell.

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