A little interlude embracing my passion for AFL football and the culture of teams.


Following the success of two AFL clubs who were considered to be ‘in the wilderness’ and came to succeed in the last two seasons – Lessons to take note in your Rotary club.


  • connection, find your own form. 

The Club

  • links – work together for each other. 


  • willing to embrace the role they have been given 
  • new players who embrace the culture and ‘step up’ 
  • stand behind your leader and give them support 


  • find a mentor who is a steadying influence 
  • be prepared to take advice 
  • be open to all kinds of new ideas 
  • be prepared to change your leadership style 
  • dare to dream – leave a legacy for the future 
  • dare to be imperfect to make yourself perfect 


  • What can I do to make the club better? 

The captain of the new Premiership group wanted the group to connect and work as a team. When each member of the team stood before his peers and openly spoke of his life, fears and goals, the renewed focus of the team members and respect for each other turned the club around.

Be involved in the community. You are measured by what you give back. 

Develop a Business plan and above all ‘Believe in the path you are taking’. 

I was fortunate to be a part of the North Melbourne Football club during the remaking of the club by a brilliant team and a coach who has forged lifelong lessons on his players, staff and members. In my classroom I had across the blackboard of the time ‘Mr. Barassi says’. 

This was the years involving the drawn grand final and the book ‘The Coach’ written by John Power. 

Anne Peace , Rotary Club of Bendigo South 

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