Rotary Flemington Connecting with Community


Community Connects was the title and premise for a forum run by the Rotary Club of Flemington recently. Based on the Rotary Connects model promoted by James Pullar from RC Melbourne, this forum invited residents and community groups to come together and identify issues and possible projects. Held at Kensington Town Hall on a sunny Sunday afternoon, attendees heard from Victorian Multicultural Commissioner Mr Sisay Dinku; Past President of the Rotary Club of Flemington, former GSE Team member and current District Community Service Chair Del King; Nelson Alexander Flemington Owner Paul Harrison, the Good Karma Effect founder Amy Churchouse and Coburg Good Karma Network chair Nerina Papanastasiou and Kensington musician Tim Solly.

Round table discussions on 4 focus areas {The Arts, Multicultural activities, Business contributing to community and a miscellaneous group} then took place with suggestions, ideas and issues being debated for projects which Rotary could support and work with local groups to deliver. The excited conversations and engaged participants made for a happy buzz in the room and produced excellent ideas. At the end of the forum, 18 possible projects were identified which the Board of the 


club will clarify and commence discussions with the various groups to define.

With Club President Sam Nicol’s year focus being on local community; and engaging with and supporting community groups, this forum has brought together several disparate groups and produced some strong links.

Mr Sisay Dinky said at the end of the discussions that he was very impressed with the concept and was keen to further develop and support Rotary and its efforts for local community.

MC Tim Solly runs the Q&A session with Paul Harrison, Amy Churchouse, Mr Sisay Dinku, Nerina Apanastasiou and Del King.

The new Flemington Rotary banners greeted attendees as they entered the hall.
Community Connects Project team leader Fabiola Pantea, MC Tim Solly, and Coburg Good Karma Chair Nerina Papanastasiou

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