Today is Rotary Membership Day


In the Rotary world August is Membership Month but I say that every day is membership day! Now why would I say that? Well, I love all that Rotary stands for, has done, and can do and I know that once others know what I know they will want to join our Rotary movement.

The District Leadership has as its mantra, “It’s all about the clubs”, and a key goal in the District Strategic Plan is to support you to grow and strengthen your club. You will know best how that is to happen and we will help.

To start the ball rolling for this year I have set a target of 3000 members for our District by the end of June 2016. This means that we recruit over 600 members and retain our existing members. This aiming high and the launch of the campaign of A Member a Month will challenge us all but those friends, family members, business colleagues, people who we relate to in very day life deserve to hear and know about all about Rotary so that they can have the option to enhance their life by making a difference to others.

The District Success Seminar, a joint effort from our District Public Image and Membership Committees, enabled those in attendance to hear about current initiatives in marketing, public image, and membership recruitment and retention at international, national and District level. Zone Coordinator Jessie Harman talked about the Zone Membership Plan and how this can assist you, Wendy Gaborit, Rotary International Public Image Coordinator shared information and opportunities as to how we can enhance our presence in the community and Jonathan Welch, Conductor and champion of the Choir of Hard Knocks, as well as entertaining us affirmed the need for club champions or ambassadors in, matters related to Rotary.

Philip Archer, District Director Membership and Adrian Nelson, District Director Public Image and Communications then launched our District 9800 Club Ambassador Program with Himanshu Kaushik from Essendon North Rotary and Belinda Grieve from the e-Club of Melbourne announced as the first of what we hope is many Club Ambassadors.

Breakout sessions facilitating discussion on topics such as Women in Rotary, attracting Gen X and Y to Rotary, Multi Cultural Rotary and Experienced Rotarians transitioning to the Rotary of the Future provided an opportunity for the sharing of great existing practice and new ideas.

So what happens next? Philip and Adrian and their teams are available to you, so please contact them and tell them how they can help you be a Recruiter 4 Rotary! I think that we all have those Membership Moments in our Rotary lives, those times when we could have talked more about why we enjoy Rotary, the benefits we get from giving, the friends that we have made whilst implementing those meaningful club projects, the lives that we have changed for children in remote areas of the world. We do know that people will support causes, if not join clubs, and your Rotary initiates amazing support for worthwhile people and disenfranchised groups, so please invite someone every week to support your cause and before you know it that person will want to dine with you often as a Rotarian!

If you recruit four such people before the end of October a sum of $1000 is coming your way as a club so that you newest members can then initiate a response to a perceived need in the community. This is empowering for the new members and will almost guarantee that they then bring more people to enjoy Rotary in your club.

Already Bendigo, Wyndham, Southbank, Albert Park, Fitzroy and Melbourne have recruited four new members. Many other clubs tell me that they will be claiming their money soon so I am a happy District Governor!

My message is…….Every Moment can be a Member Moment so be a Recruiter 4 Rotary.

Ubuntu: I am, because you are.

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