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Rotary on the Move    

Rotary on the Move is a monthy newsletter produced by the Rotary Coordinator for Zones 7B & 8. (Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Isands)

Full of articles about Rotary ideas and initiatives from Australasia, be among the thought leaders and subscribe to the newsletter to receive the latest updates.

All previous versions are avalible online and you may subscribe directly by contacing the editor (details at the bottom of each edition of the newsletter advising your email addreess.





List of Annual District Governor Visits    

During the year, the District Governor (DG) will carry out an official visit to each Club. This visit is to provide an opportunity for the DG and their partner to meet with the President, Board, Club members and their partners. During the meeting the DG will address the Club on Rotary International President’s theme and emphasis for the year. The DG will also highlight the District goals and focus and may comment on your Club’s plans and objectives.


Vocational Service    

Through Vocational Service we:

  • Serve others by using our unique skills to address community needs
  • Empower others through training and skill development
  • Inspire others to act with integrity by following Rotary’s guiding principles

These values lie behind everything we do.

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Requirements to Reinstate a Terminated Club    

To be reinstated within 150 days after the termination date, a Club must fully pay:

  • Its outstanding financial obligations at the time of termination
  • All semi-annual dues that continue to accrue thereafter
  • Plus a US$30 per member reinstatement fee
  • The Club will then be reinstated automatically


Notes on Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST) as it applies to RI Membership Dues    

Under Australian taxation legislation, Clubs in Australia are liable for GST on membership dues because a service is provided in Australia (a taxable supply of membership rights).


Inter-District Fundraising    

With the exception of approved inter-District projects, D9800 Clubs should not expect to receive approval from the District Governor to contact Clubs outside our District to assist with fundraising projects. The District Governor will generally not grant permission to Clubs from other Districts to fundraise in our District.


District Disaster Relief Fund    

If there is a national disaster that warrants consideration as being a worthy cause for relief funding, the District Governor shall appoint an investigating committee comprising the District Governor Elect (as Chairman), the Chair of the Community Service Committee and one other Rotarian to submit a full report to the District Governor on that disaster.


District Finance By-Laws    

District Finance By-Laws are contained in the Rotary International District 9800 Bylaws.


Incorporations Association Act Requirements    

As the District is an incorporated association, the District Secretary as the Public Officer will perform the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Lodge annual financial statements
  • Notify the Registrar of a change of the Association’s registered address within 14 days
  • Apply to the Registrar for approval to alter the Statement of Purpose or Rules within 28 days after the alterations are passed by special resolution.


Facilitator District Leaders Development Team    

The District Chair of the Learning and Leadership Development Team organises appropriate learning and leadership development for Presidents Elect, District Directors, Avenues of Service Chairs and Assistant Governors and supports the facilitation of the annual District Assembly. The purpose of these sessions is to prepare Presidents Elect and other District leaders for their year of office through a range of formal and informal sessions and other relevant learning material.


Join the Membership Facebook Group    

To keep updated with the latest information from the membership committee, you can join our Facebook group


Diversity in Rotary    

The Committee provides ideas and advice on how to improve diversity in Membership.

Contact: Kerry Kornhauser OAM (Albert Park)


Friends of Rotary    

Consider the benefits of beginning a Friends of Rotary group. Clubs with such a group have found it invaluable in fostering a new vitality and commitment. It fosters deeper links with people who share our ideals of service and fellowship, but for one reason or another are unable to commit to full Rotary membership. They are able to play a meaningful role in all club activities by increasing the numbers at meetings and on Rotary projects.


Club Extension (Chartering New Clubs)    

This Committee’s role is to assist in identifying and supporting opportunities to establish satellite Clubs, allow existing Clubs to obtain an e-capability enabling speakers and Members to join them online therefore giving them greater flexibility, and establishing new Clubs within our District.


Membership Development Grants    

The District may provide an opportunity for Clubs to avail themselves of a Membership Development Grant to enable new Members to get active within their Clubs.


Membership Secretariat    

Provides the point of capture and dissemination for new strategies. Captures minutes of meetings and is the first point of contact for assistance from the District Membership team. Also provides Clubs with an update on Club Membership numbers including new inductions.


Technology Support    

This Committee will help Club Leaders with their technology requirements related to Membership acquisition and retention.


District Legal Officer    

The District Legal Officer, Roger Batrouney, is available to provide legal advice in an advisory capacity on Rotary-related matters to Clubs. The types of Rotary- related issues may include: harassment, discrimination, child protection, privacy and fundraising.



District 9800 Avenue of Service Program Policy    

This District Policy is published to assist Avenue of Service committees and chairs as well as Clubs to find appropriate programs that would be accepted by District as District Managed Programs (‘DMP’), District Endorsed Programs (‘DEP’) or District Supported Programs [‘DSP’}. The Policy seeks to specify the advantages in obtaining acceptance as a District program as well as the respective responsibilities for such programs.


District Website    

The District 9800 website (rotarydistrict9800.org.au) supports District communications, both internal and external. It provides access to many resources for Clubs.

The website includes a calendar of events, copies of the District newsletter Networker, current news, and important information from District leaders, including all Avenues of Service, the Rotary Foundation, and Governance.

A member access section includes important downloads and information about Policies, Guidelines and Insurance.

All enquiries, updates and additions to the website should be made to the District Webmaster and the District Website Content Manager.


Club Ambassadors    

When Rotary Australia introduced its National Ambassador program, we personalised some well-known Rotarians and told their Rotary story. We encouraged others to join the conversation of Rotary. Jonathan Welch, Bev Brock and Rob Pennicott provided a public face to what Rotarians do and what we are across Australia, with billboards, banners and advertisements.


Support Clubs with Public Image and Communications    

The primary function of the Public Image and Communications committee is to help clubs improve their own public image, communications and marketing.

We are able to assist with the following:

  • Sourcing Rotary branded products and services, including banners, signage, clothing and other items.
  • Assisting with innovative public image and marketing strategies.
  • Review your club’s PR assets, including your bulletin, website, signage, social media and image.
  • Help you improve your club’s PR assets, including your bulletin, website, signage, social media and image.
  • Help you achieve the Public Image elements of the Rotary International Presidential Citation.


External Relations and Media Liaison    

External Relations – Business, Corporate and Government

Clubs can be assisted in developing corporate and government partnerships.

Media and Rotary Down Under (RDU) Liaison

Rotary Down Under is the magazine for members of Clubs in Districts in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.


51 Web Content Items found:      Showing Web Content Items 1 - 25