Australian Rotary Health

Committee Description:

  • ARH is the largest single Rotary project in Australia
  • The main aim is to fund research projects into all aspects of community health and improve the quality of life for those dealing with mental illness
  • ARH is Australia’s largest provider of funds for mental health research after the Australian Government.
  • Manages ARH Indigenous Scholarship programs supporting next generation of Indigenous Health providers.



Committee Description:

BusyFeet is an activity designed to create a special place for children aged 6 to 16 with disabilities, by exploring their natural love of movement and music through dance. It is conducted in a fun, safe environment where everyone feels special and is respected for their individual ability and children receive one on one support.

This is a program that is available for all Clubs to develop and run in their communities. It is a totally volunteer based project which involves Rotarians, Partners, Friends, Past Members and local residents all volunteering their time and skills on a weekly basis during school term and places the Rotary Club into active service within the community on a regular basis. It may also involve schools and local councils.

The program also assists parents, as during the dance time they are able to develop friendships and discuss issues with others in similar circumstances. They may take the time to just go for a walk or visit the library.

Camp Getaway

Committee Description:

Camp Getaway provides a quality recreational camp experience for people of all abilities

•          Thousands of voluntary hours have gone into redeveloping the site, which now includes self-contained units with full disabled facilities, modern dormitories and many other improvements

•          Each year Rotarians have undertaken working bees at Camp Getaway and have enjoyed Club fellowship. As there is always refurbishment and maintenance activities to be done this is a great hands-on project for Clubs.

Program representative: Wayne Smith (Bendigo) 0419 005 702

Booking and suburban speaker enquiries: Ken Maxfield (North Balwyn) 0412 489 580,

Community Service

Committee Description:

Community Service covers exciting projects and activities that individual Clubs undertake to improve life in their communities through Rotary’s third Avenue of Service. Projects are as varied as the Clubs that carry them out, but all address the needs of their own community.

Clubs have the central role in the determination, funding and execution of Community Service programs and projects. Effective Community Service projects:

  • Are relevant to the community
  • Anchor a Club to its community
  • Identify and understand the key issues
  • Involve other organisations and stakeholders for best outcomes
  • Provide opportunities for promotion of Rotary and membership recruitment.

The Community Avenue of Service for District 9800 offers a range of District Endorsed and District Managed Programs, each led by an experienced program representative who are willing to assist Clubs.

To learn more, view some of our projects

Computers 4 Community

Committee Description:

This program liaises with business and organisations to facilitate donations of late-model superseded PC and IT equipment that are then re-furbished with licenced Microsoft Software and a tutorial installed. These are then provided to disadvantaged students and needy groups in communities.

How Clubs can assist:

•             Source computers, screens, keyboards and mice (computers need to be Pentium 4 and above with DVD reader)

•             Source worthy recipients, either individuals or organisations to receive the refurbished computers

•             Fund a $60 charge to cover license fees and refurbishment costs

•             Consider funding computer refurbishment cost and freight for overseas projects.

Program representatives: Rick Westcott, Joe Butler, Jack Watson and

Public Image & Communications

Committee Description:

“It’s all about the Clubs”

The Rotary District 9800 Public Image and Communications exists to support the Clubs within the District with Public Image and Communications matters.

In particular, we aim to:

  • Assist our Club and District leaders to build and promote a strong and vibrant image of Rotary International D9800, enabling our members to belong to Clubs that are relevant and attractive to their community.
  • Protect the integrity and value of the Rotary brand.
  • Provide innovative Public Image and marketing initiatives and engagement opportunities to our membership via the District website, the Networker and all forms of social media.

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Committee Description:

The aim of this program is not to teach young drivers how to get their licence, but how to ensure they stay alive once they do. The program is designed to provide young drivers with the skills and techniques to ensure they are safe, responsible road users. It is run at a purpose built facility at Elmore Events Centre. The complex consists of classrooms and a purpose built road system that features all types of road surfaces, traffic lights, hills and a large sealed area.

The course is run over two days with qualified instructors.  Time is split evenly between in-class discussion and practical exercises in supplied vehicles. Twenty-four students can be catered for at any one time and overnight accommodation for school groups can be arranged.

How Clubs can assist:

•             Promote the program through local schools, scout and girl guide groups and young people’s organisations

•             Sponsor the cost of student participation.

Program representative: Graeme Nelson (Rochester)

ROCAN ( Ovarian Cancer Research)

Committee Description:

This year more than 1,800 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer and over 900 will die from this disease

  • It is the most lethal of all women’s cancers.
  • One woman dies every 10 hours  from Ovarian Cancer

The aim of the program is to raise awareness and funds for research to help find an early detection screening test for all women.

Program representative: Yvonne Moon OAM (Williamstown)


Rotary Action Group of Multiple Sclerosis (RAGSMA)

Committee Description:

•             RAGMSA was established to promote MS awareness, encourage Rotarians and MS societies to collaborate via fundraising activities to contribute to MS research and provide support for people with MS (pwMS)

•             RAGMSA’s aim is to increase that involvement and document Club projects to increase MS awareness and help prevent and find a cure for MS.

Program representative: Martin Taurins (Gisborne) 

Rotary Connects

Committee Description:

Does your club have a Vision Day issue,  a great idea or want to know how to engage the community in a whole-of-community approach to improve the life of those in need? 

Rotary Connects is a collaborative 6 step process developed to make community service projects more effective, more meaningful and with more lasting benefits.

The steps include gaining an understanding of local issues, determining the role Rotary can play in improving the situation, appointing a Club Champion, and facilitating a Community Forum to form partnerships to develop and implement appropriate plans.

 Adoption of the Rotary Connects process will lead to improving the lives of those in our communities who most need our help.  At the same time it will make Rotary more relevant and membership more satisfying. 

The Rotary Connects team is available to coach and guide you along the way.


Shine On Awards

Committee Description:

‘Shine On Recognition’ recognises and acknowledges service to the community by people with disabilities.

Eligible nominees are people who are actively involved in community service for the benefit of others and have demonstrated a significant level of achievement whilst managing a specific medical disorder/disability. There are two categories for the awards – Young nominees 15-25 years and Adult nominees aged 25 years and over. A Rotary Club must endorse each nomination.

Program Representatives: Louise Bugeja (Hoppers Crossing) and Marg Desmyth (Balwyn)

World of Difference

Committee Description:

“World of Difference” has been taking participants on combined cultural, donating and volunteering trips to Cambodia since November 2011.  A particularly important type of tour offered is a schoolies alternative experience.  The initial core intent of the project was to showcase what Rotary is doing in developing countries, and the project crosses several avenues of service including international and new generations.

Youth Suicide Awareness

Committee Description:

Youth suicide is the last taboo. Rotary however can help address this tragedy by supporting teachers, police officers, social workers and mental health clinicians to better understand the many challenges faced by today’s young people.

Clubs can provide scholarships to assist professionals to undertake a Graduate Diploma in Adolescent Health at the University of Melbourne and thus offer a simple, practical way of addressing mental illness in adolescence.

Program representative: Phil Wheatley (Brighton North)